The 48th Highlanders of Canada is a Primary Reserve infantry.

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Potential recruits must have the desire to push themselves to their full potential; and the energy and adaptability to enjoy all that a career with the 48th has to offer. They must also maintain the highest professional and physical standards, and be able to work within a disciplined team.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Be a Canadian citizen;

Be 17 years of age (with parental/guardian consent) or older;

Meet the minimum education requirements for your entry plan and/or occupation; this can vary from Grade 10 for combat arms occupations to a university degree for the Direct Entry Officer entry plan.


Fitness plays an important role in the 48th Highlanders. Primary Reserve applicants must undergo a physical fitness evaluation to ensure that you are ready for the demands of basic training. Successful completion of this evaluation is a necessary step toward being accepted into the Canadian Forces.

Physical Fitness Guide

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